‘happy blogs are all alike…’


Last week, after my first post, I texted my sister the web address and asked her to check it out.  Eager for some reaction or feedback, or even to just to know she is still alive, I spoke to her on the phone last night.  I asked again what she thought, and she said she had ignored my suggestion as [to paraphrase] she didn’t feel like reading about people who are living a dream life as she can’t really be inspired by such people. [Forgive me C if I didn’t paraphrase you correctly]

After the initial disappointment of still not having a reader – even my own sister, and trying to shake off the weight of her pessimism, I reflected on the fact that, actually, I have come across this sentiment on other blogs – a feeling of inadequacy in comparison with the highlight reel of others’ lives, especially ones who boastingly claim they are living a dream (don’t you know it is tongue in cheek…).

I hope you do end up reading this C just so you know that some blogs are not meant to be inspirational, and some blogs don’t highlight just the best bits, but that some blogs are written so that you can see that  ‘happy families’ come in all shapes and sizes, as do ‘happy lives’.  A dream life is something everyone can have by going on what they’ve got.

I know where my sister is coming from. Trust me, if you were a member of our family you would be feel insanely jealous/ inadequate in comparison to other families who appear to have their shit together. As adults, my sister and I have shared our common experience of fear of ‘happy families’ during our high school sleepovers.  We felt like aliens at breakfast tables where mother, father, and children all sat and ate together.


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    • Hey Janelle,
      You’ve made my day – finally a reader!! As you can tell I am quite new to this blog thing, and technology passed me by as I spent my 20s at the pub. Just trying to keep up with everyone else in the blogging world.
      Thanks again, because I really love your blog, and you write so well. I am looking forward to seeing you published in print too.

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