Sunday log


It’s a wave that ebbs and flows.  Most of the time I think I am going along fine, and then wham, I am back to where I started or worse.  In the last few years, I have been through some really low ebbs, but somehow I seem to be flowing along fine now.  Life is coursing along.

So to remind myself that it is not all one direction, I will attempt to regularly keep a log of my two steps forward each week, and the to be expected one step back as well.

This week.

Steps forward

1. I scored 5 polystyrene crates for free from the produce store, so have expanded my herb garden and planted out more parsley, black cumin and dill.

2. I broke up my three hour meditation yesterday with some walking meditation, and I didn’t feel any pain in knees and feet for once.

Step back.

1. I spent too long at the community hall barbecue last night and ended up going back to neighbours’ house until 2am, meaning that when the sun hit my eyes at 5 am I really had not had enough sleep and I’ll be playing catch up all week.

But sometimes there are huge dumpers, and it doesn’t really matter how many little steps forward I can take. Last night a long term resident of the valley told me the bad news about my new place – it is situated on an underground stream in a waterway, so the stumps will move around over time, warping my walls.  I won’t go into it as it is a saga, but my conveyancing lawyer was supposed to have done searches for this kind of thing….  So now I feel displaced again, that this cannot be my permanent home, and what the hell am I planting fruit trees for then?


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