chutney day


Usually I like to have a little forewarning of my children’s sick days, so that I can plan for them, for instance, sleep in until at least 6 am.  Not so today.  We had the mad rush through breakfast with gentle threats of coercion to finish breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, etc etc, and it wasn’t until we were getting the school bags out the door that R1 developed the inability to walk due to a sore tummy, head, nipples, etc.

So, it was an at home day for me and R1.  The sheer luxury of a whole day to make some headway into the ever growing list of ‘things to be done’ was overwhelming.  For the past 2 weeks I have been collecting ingredients to make a zucchini chutney – ever since I decided that this zucchini may have actually finished growing.  Yes this is a zucchini, but I only believe this because it grew on the zucchini plant.


So what to do with a vegetable that weighs over a kilo? Well, a while ago I bought a preserves book. This was when I decided to pretend I was a housewifey. I figured, I was the breadwinner, I could also be my own housewife.  So I bought the preserves book and a house with a garden at the same time.  When I choose a new path in life I tend to throw myself into it completely and make it happen.

Anyway, until now, I just haven’t had time to make chutney, so rather than let a non-work day go to waste as well as a rather large vegetable, today was the day.

Either I am not made of housewife stuff, or the author of the book was a misogynistic witch.  35 minutes to make, my arse!  The prepping took me an hour and fifteen minutes alone.  And I have a blister at the base of my index finger from chopping the ‘zucchini’ into centimetre square cubes.


The 35 minutes was for actual cooking, although in reality of course it was over an hour. There was no mention of the consumption of time spent dicing, slicing, wincing.  Lucky I had the time to spare today as I was a ‘stay at home mum’ for the occasion.  But does this mean that women’s time spent prepping recipes ‘just happens’?  This recipe made me angry that such time spent was apparently inconsequential. Anyway, I digress…it probably was due to my inept mastery of women’s arts.

This is the product of two and a half hours of my life.


Despite being shattered from lack of sleep, I couldn’t just nap or knit or read today. No I had to spend the hottest part of a sweltering day over a stove (’tis the lot of women 🙂 ) to make it worthwhile.

In my meditation practice over the past 18 months, I have been working on releasing this mindset, this need to make every moment productive. So even on my busiest of weekends without the children when I have to condense a fortnight’s chores, errands, and other housewifey duties into 2 days, I have always taken 3 hours out on Saturday afternoon to go on meditation retreat. This even during the insanity of 6 weeks when I crazily added doing an online graduate certificate into the mix.

R1 spent her ‘sick’ day making puppy dog cards for her brother which said ‘you rock R2’.


And I still haven’t started making my Christmas presents for this year…


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