rescue recipe


OMG where is the vodka when you need it.

When avoiding or escaping my mounting obligations from everyone wanting a piece of me is not the answer, then I need to have something in my arsenal to face them in one fell swoop.  Brownies.

This one recipe has been my saving grace this week.

I have not been able to avoid the last week of the school year or the emails from the P& C Committee advising parents to give their children’s teacher aides individual presents in recognition of parents’ personal relationships with them….

Or avoid a text message late Sunday evening from my father saying he will be dropping into town on Thursday.  His birthday is Friday, and the realisation has dawned on me that I cannot use the excuse of the combined Christmas/birthday present / only send a card as he lives so far interstate, to avoid the reality of never being able to get my dad a present that he appreciates, even if I had a year to plan…

Or avoid the office politics where I feel unwittingly like a Survivor contestant who hasn’t noticed everyone else has made alliances…

One night of baking and staying up until 11 pm, and all these issues have been sorted.  Brownies for the teachers with Christmas bows, brownie squares for work morning tea, and a small square for my dad. And there are even some crusty edges to bribe the kids with to eat their dinner this week.

One recipe is all you need to get you through LIFE.


It wasn’t until I got to my son’s kindy this morning that I realised it wasn’t his last week until next week. But bugger me if I am going to spend another night baking, his teachers can get their present early.


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