toxic work environment


Today was not a good day at work.  I am one of four people who have temporary contracts until June when we will all be ‘competing’ (manager’s word) for one permanent position.  We have been told this week to ‘throw our hats in the ring’ for other positions, and to ‘not put all our eggs in one basket’ (manager is fond of cliches).

I spent a fair part of the day crying into my computer screen as this situation has turned friend upon friend, and made two faces out of every one.  I hate this.  I am not a competitor. I would much rather have everyone like me. 🙂

This is a crazy time though for job security.  Despite this, I withdrew my hat from this particular ring and requested a reduction to part-time work.  I am not sure how I will cope financially, but hopefully I will be able to use the spare time to make more from scratch and not drive anywhere, therefore, saving money.  And bringing me closer to my purpose in life, which is to be mother to my children.  We haven’t worked out when this arrangement will start – but it is out there.  Enough for now.

However, there is more toxicity in the work department.

The reason why I wasn’t aware of all the backstabbing going on a few pods up from me, is because I used to sit opposite the staff kitchen.  Which the cleaners cleaned every day at 4 pm with overpowering bleach which made me nauseous and dizzy.  My manager requested that they reduce this, which they did marginally on Mondays to Thursdays for a while, but now it is back to the daily napalm of the kitchen.  ‘I love the smell of bleach in the mid-afternoon‘ – not.

So I moved desks.  Which is how I became embedded in the nest of vipers.

There is more.  I came back to work this week to find a sign stuck in the lift from the building’s pest control service announcing that this Saturday:

It is recommended that no-one be in the building during this time.’

Any person with health issues / concerns relating to standard treatment should report to security or XXXX‘.

‘(Please note that chemicals used comply with Queensland Health approved chemicals list)’

Hell yes I have issues / concerns.


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