thunder chocolate and zack


Today we said goodbye to two members of our family: Zack and Thunder Chocolate, the kids’ guinea pigs.

IMG_1125 IMG_1135

Thunder Chocolate is Zack’s father, and the two of them will not be split up.  They have been through a lot in the past week, losing their hutch to the weather, they were locked inside the laundry during howling winds and pelting rains, wondering why they weren’t getting their usual green beans and carrots every day.

Unfortunately for them, I had 2 weeks’ washing to get on with, this gorgeous sunny, windy weekend, and need my laundry back.  No that sounds too callous!  Really, I considered buying a new metal hutch which wouldn’t warp in the rain, but that would set me back at least $300.  They would be worth the expense if the children paid them any attention at all.

As parents, I am sure we go through the same routine over and over again.  – Promise you’ll feed them every day, wash them and clean out their hutch? – Yes Mum we will.

For all of 2 days.  Then it was up to me.  On top of everything else.

So we took them back to the Produce store we bought them from last year.

Despite knowing this all week, the kids hadn’t bothered even going to the laundry to pet them, until this morning, when I made them.  R1 was overcome for a moment.  ‘Oh Zacky, I am so sorry I did this to you.’

I am glad she took some personal responsibility, as that is one lesson that pets bring to children.  Unfortunately, a little too late.

Leaving the Produce store R1 was wailing and sobbing her eyes out.

But by this afternoon, the kids had captured 2 tree frogs from our spa and built a little tank for them.  Freddo and Freddy frogs.


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