so simple


There is no manual, no one set way to downsize, seize life, focus on what’s important.  But geez, when I read Rohan’s Whole Larder Love blog entry today, I was ready to make him my guru, his website my guide to ‘simple living’.  Read it for yourself.  Just this one post struck me deeply and I cannot explain why.  But I sat at my desk looking out my 6th floor office window reading it on my iPhone at lunch time with tears thickening my eyes.

His words are so much more eloquent than mine, but to summarise, the key words of wisdom for setting out and staying on your path to a simple life are:

  • there will be detractors, ignore them
  • aim for contentment, not happiness
  • nobody and nobody’s life is perfect
  • this is a movement, and we are in it together

So simple.

Sometimes I feel like I am not gaining as much ground on my journey as I would like to. Sometimes I feel like I have made so much progress, but other people’s comments belittle or demean what I am trying to be.  Sometimes I feel I read a hundred blogs a day and become disheartened because everyone else seems to have skills that I’ve missed out on.

But you know what, I do feel like there is something happening. Like I am a little bit of flotsam  in a rising swell.  I have had qualms about blogging, but now I am glad to be a part of this movement, with us all going in the same direction, helping each other along, none of us perfect.

I am glad I am because I get to read posts like Rohan’s and feel like he is speaking to the core of me.



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