short and sweet, goodbye


I am starting to have an attachment to my identification with this blog, and so this will be my last blog post.

I am looking forward to continuing to be a part of a growing collective awareness of how life should be lived, and will still read everyone else’s blogs for guidance and reassurance that there is a way out of the lunacy of our current lifestyles.

I am grateful to everyone who has read this blog and best wishes.


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  1. Bugger! I was just going to sign up to follow YOU! Cheers for following us on Serendipity Farm and any time you need a hand with anything give us a “Hoy”…we live in Northern Tas so if you are on the mainland I might be able to point you in the direction of a few other people that you could connect with. I think we all need to stick together. There is strength in numbers and a power in knowledge that we are only just beginning to touch the surface of :). Again, cheers for following us and I doubt that you will even check this but hey, at least I tried! 🙂 See you on Serendipity Farm 🙂

    • I love your blog! Thanks for the message, strength in numbers definitely. I am in Brisbane and am joining up with my local transition town group, and hopefully things will flow from there.
      You guys are so lucky living where you do, it is a gorgeous part of the world.
      I am still reading other people’s blogs…just don’t want to have one about me.

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