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short and sweet, goodbye


I am starting to have an attachment to my identification with this blog, and so this will be my last blog post.

I am looking forward to continuing to be a part of a growing collective awareness of how life should be lived, and will still read everyone else’s blogs for guidance and reassurance that there is a way out of the lunacy of our current lifestyles.

I am grateful to everyone who has read this blog and best wishes.


so simple


There is no manual, no one set way to downsize, seize life, focus on what’s important.  But geez, when I read Rohan’s Whole Larder Love blog entry today, I was ready to make him my guru, his website my guide to ‘simple living’.  Read it for yourself.  Just this one post struck me deeply and I cannot explain why.  But I sat at my desk looking out my 6th floor office window reading it on my iPhone at lunch time with tears thickening my eyes.

His words are so much more eloquent than mine, but to summarise, the key words of wisdom for setting out and staying on your path to a simple life are:

  • there will be detractors, ignore them
  • aim for contentment, not happiness
  • nobody and nobody’s life is perfect
  • this is a movement, and we are in it together

So simple.

Sometimes I feel like I am not gaining as much ground on my journey as I would like to. Sometimes I feel like I have made so much progress, but other people’s comments belittle or demean what I am trying to be.  Sometimes I feel I read a hundred blogs a day and become disheartened because everyone else seems to have skills that I’ve missed out on.

But you know what, I do feel like there is something happening. Like I am a little bit of flotsam  in a rising swell.  I have had qualms about blogging, but now I am glad to be a part of this movement, with us all going in the same direction, helping each other along, none of us perfect.

I am glad I am because I get to read posts like Rohan’s and feel like he is speaking to the core of me.


2 years on


Two years ago, and a bit, my house looked like this after the flood waters had started receding.



This photo was taken from my top floor bathroom looking down into the backyard and the top of my clothesline.

I didn’t take these photos as I had been home with the kids for my 2 weeks’ holiday.  We lost everything on the ground floor which was mostly kids’ toys, a couch, fridge, and all my stuff in storage.  Upstairs, volunteers had broken in and removed most of the small things, clothing, books, rugs, etc, and some furniture.

After the floods had completely receded they returned most of this, some of it broken, and I came home to a bonfire heap of my worldly possessions in the middle of my lounge room floor.  I admit to spending part of that first day rocking in the foetal position.  But mostly, I got stuck into it.

It was just stuff.  Stuff that I had fretted and worried about for a week over on the other side of the country.  Then fretted a little more when I heard about the volunteers and the idea of, you know, strangers handling my things.

Now I think it may have been post-traumatic stress, but at the time, I thought I had experienced catharsis.  The floods had swept through the house and taken the decision making from me in terms of letting go of excess stuff in my life.  I threw out the broken and water stained, and then asked myself the question of every item left over, whether I would have cared if it had gone in the flood as well.

This resulted in a week of journeys back and forth to the Vinnies, removing the excess from my life.

The upstairs couch had only been water stained but I decided we didn’t need one and that bean bags on the floor would suffice.  So I sold it on ebay for 99c.

Two years on, and you wouldn’t know it.  I have stuff again.  Granted, not furniture, as I am still very slowly buying piece by piece.

I wish I could have held onto some of the insights, though, into how stuff can own me, and cause stress and unhappiness.