The dream……………

When I was a little girl I knew what happiness looked like.  A stone wall and trellis of rambling grape vines. Lots of food, laughter, love and family. Family of all generations and kids tearing through the garden.  Weekends were together time. We baked bread and cakes, picnicked at the beach and took long nature walks with our four or five kids. Then occasionally packing them up on our boat to sail around the world while homeschooling them.  [Don’t forget :)this is a dream]

So how have I done?

I work full-time in an office, with two children who I see part-time as I share custody with their father, living in a state far from my family and friends. Is life a dream? Not really.  It is bloody hard work.

But I do dream, and strangely I do feel that I am living it. This blog is really to show me how I am creating roots for my family, while allowing this little family to blow in any direction life takes us.

I have decided to blog because I have been a single working mum for 3 and a half years and have not -in real life- encountered anyone who has a life like mine, and I need to find my tribe!  I love reading blogs, especially ivynest, bld-in-mt, renegademama, sistersun, enchanted moments, littleecofootprints, down to earth [will learn how to hyperlink – just making it up as I go along]- but do they speak to ‘me’? Certainly to many aspects of me: sustainability, growing veg, raising small children, making from scratch, authentic life, massive mummy guilt, etc.  I did find one blog in the US by a working mother, but she loves working, and I think it was her choice, plus she is a two parent family.

I have seen the statistics – practically 16% or more of Queensland families are single parent, but where I live I hear comments like…I don’t know of any other single mothers, or I don’t know of any other full-time working mothers… Where are they all? And do we have any bloody time to find each other?

This is starting to feel like a rant (oh I can promise there will probably be more of that), but really, I would love to share how I am ‘living the dream’, this marvellous journey of letting go of pre-conceived notions of how life should be, focussing on the simple, and loving my family, and taking us through life one puff of wind at a time. I hope that resonates with everyone, not just us single mums.

The kids in my dream garden

The kids in my dream garden


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